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What do you do with House Lights?

I act as “Chief of Staff”- that is, dealing with all things communication and people. I provide on-going support to our fellows as they manage their projects and nurture all of House Lights’ relationships.


What drives you?

I spent the early days of my acting career performing for non-traditional audiences in unusual spaces. From those experiences, I learned I felt the most fulfilled with my work when it seemed to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of someone’s life- when I could sense everyone left the experience having learned something different about the world or themselves. I want to create a new pathway for like-minded artists and do away with the “starving artist” archetype – we can create a better quality of life for ourselves by doing the same for others.


What does your current artistic practice look like?

 I do the acting thing in L.A.- most recently working on several independent short films. I also teach young people the art of storytelling, and am currently recording and producing my first collection of original songs!




What do you do with House Lights?

I direct our strategy and vision, recruit and engage partners and supporters, and lead our training programs.


What drives you? 

I want more people to have direct experience with creating art. In my career, I've been lucky to teach everyone from middle schoolers to nursing home residents, and I know that real creative opportunities are life-changing. Making art isn't about creating masterpieces- it's about building relationships, finding meaning, and feeling joy.


What is your artistic practice like right now?

I'm currently working on two writing projects for the stage- an adaptation of G.B. Shaw's Heartbreak House and a new play about Gregor MacGregor's fraud in Poyais (look it up! fascinating story). Once it is safe to get back to the theater, I hope to get these on their feet and in front of audiences!



House Lights Fellowship intends to be a leading catalyst for the integration of creative practice into our communities, revolutionizing the role of the artist in our society.

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